Let there be Android!


Mobile Application Development with Android covers basics of application development, design, deployment and programming concepts for android apps as well as some topics about software development ecosystem.

Here we will discuss major core theories about object oriented programming with java which will help us in the final examination as well as for the future.


  1. All about hardware, software and machines.
  2. Android Studio IDE
  3. Git and everything
  4. Layout, View, ViewGroup Part-I
  5. Layout View Group and View Part-II
  6. Simple Calculator
  7. Recycler View Part - I
  8. Recycler View Part - II
  9. Recycler View Part - III
  10. Recycler View [Event] Part - IV


The following projects contain sample code for reference, you can clone this via Android Studio to see the code.

What do you need?

  • A laptop and internet
  • Android Studio IDE that will build the default 'Hello World' application.
  • Git installed.
  • Github account.
  • Visual Studio Code installed
  • Android Phone (optional)

Why are you giving assignments? It's just elective. Pass vaihalcha ni!

Yes, pass huncha sajilo cha paper ma lekhna tara pass hunu vanda ni yo sab sikera 4-5 months ma actual job pawos vanera ho.

Assignment?? Marks?? Attendance???

Nothing will matter, internal marks ma 2-3 marks thorai jala garena vani assignment. But MAD padera niskey pachi 4-5 ota app afno phone ma AFAI le CODE garera banayo vani chai ramailo chuttai huncha.

Skills badauna paryo! Dhilo nagarum!