Exam Preparation

Exam practice question! Please check them regularly because some questions may be added after we finish some more chapters.

  1. Describe three tire architecture with a real world example in details
  2. What is operating system? Describe android operating system. Describe latest android API level.
  3. What is a function or method? What are some of the return types of a function? Describe them with examples.
  4. What is Software? Differentiate between system software and application software.
  5. What is Linux Kernel? How is it different from other operating system, compare.
  6. Why is Java called object oriented programming language? Describe class and object with real world example.
  7. Why is android application development important in IT? What are it's advantages over other frontend platforms? Define some of the popular framework for mobile application development.
  8. What is activity and describe the activity life cycle in details?
  9. How is fragment different from activity? Explain with a real world implementation.
  10. Differentiate between LinearLayout and ConstraintLayout. Which layout will you prefer and when?
  11. Describe orientation and weightSum in LinearLayout.
  12. Describe constraints in ConstraintLayout. What is the minimum requirement for a view to have valid constraints?
  13. Describe View and ViewGroups with example.
  14. Explain about recycler view, its usage and its implementation example with code for major override functions.
  15. Describe with code how you would define an object of a button, initialize it and add a click listener to the button that will intent between activities.
  16. What is XML? How do you link aN activity with its respective layout file?
  17. Why would you use id for view and ViewGroup in xml? What is the use of providing id attribute?
  18. How many child does the ScrollView view group allow? Why do you need the scrollview viewgroup?
  19. What is the AndroidManifest file? What is the use of intent-filter tag in manifest file? Can you have more than one intent-filter tag?
  20. In android project what is the significance of app level gradle file?
  21. IDE, AVD, SDK